Real Estate Investment

We provide our clients with legal assistance throughout each step of their investment initiative, from conducting a preliminary legal analysis, forming and incorporating a legal entity in Russia (or a branch office or a representation office of a foreign legal entity), through to, as the case may be, providing advice at the stage of commissioning the investment object and (if required) registering title to it, including without limitation:

  • Preliminary legal analysis of an investment initiative, including analysis checks such proposed scenarios against the town-planning, land-use, environmental, and other applicable laws, the assessment of diverse risks, the prospects of the outcomes resulted from the client’s efforts  being defended in court, and, where needed, the development and review of any alternative solutions
  • Investigation into the investment object and the ascertainment of its legal status, via, inter alia, reviewing documents of title and other documents, studying the background of the object
  • Review of urban-planning and other documentation in order to identify any existing or impendent authoritative decisions that may have an impact on the investment project going forward
  • Drafting of various business agreements governing the relations between the parties of investment activity and the conduct of negotiations with other parties to the project and other counterparties with a view to discuss and refine the terms and conditions of such agreements
  • Preparation of legal documents and reports giving an appraisal of the current state of the investment project, its future prospects, and admissible tools of its implementation

Any subsequent protection of the rights and legitimate interests of investors in arbitration proceedings.